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The PATH is YOU asserts not a New Age philosophy or pseudo-science, but rather an old-age return to sanity, common sense, and wisdom that has been buried deep within our hearts and minds.


The definition of “insanity” is repeating the same actions while expecting different results. The modern expression of our collective insanity is the failure to acknowledge that there is really no other path except ourselves, individually. Because if you want to know anything, if you want to perceive anything, if you want to feel anything, if you want to experience anything, the seat of your emotions, experience and perception are within you. So, there is only one path, and that’s YOU.


However, every one of us has journeys to make through life. And these journeys contain different combinations of the outer journey, with its various incidents and milestones and the inner journey, a spiritual odyssey, with its own secrets of creation.


The PATH is YOU will awaken in you an awareness as unsettling as it is exhilarating, a vision in which you are not a victim of fate but a “response-able” participant.


The PATH is YOU will help you see how your personal struggles are part of a shamanic process of falling apart and being remade, restoring balance through dramatic transformation.


The PATH is YOU will create an environment for Aha! Moments of insight that will catalyze within you the conviction to make real changes in your life, real changes in the way we relate to others and these real changes will eventually stick.


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Blessings from Joy and Tom”.

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  1. 02:00 PowerPoint  the Power of Belief

  2. 07:00  Film Short  the Power of the Mind

  3. 09:55 Film Short the Power of the Heart

  4. 19:99 Film Short the Power to Transform



Are you experiencing fear, isolation, disengagement, or hopelessness? Are you willing to return to sanity, common sense, and wisdom?


Each 35 minute pre-recorded module will contain a number of Chapters presented through a combination of guided Power Point presentations, Film shorts, storytelling, expert interviews and commentaries and complimented by experiential exercises, and personal exploration prompts.

Dare to honestly and courageously look inside your own mind and heart.

All of the modules contained in this webinar series are saying much the same thing: wake-up and see the true consequences our individual actions have brought, and if we are able to see clearly, we have an obligation to act on that seeing. We believe that compassionate action is the by-product of that seeing, one that flows outward  toward others.


Compassion is an ancient, awakened heart, the cornerstone of all real, true traditions be they Native American, Buddhist, Mystical Christianity or Kabalistic. Are we as human beings capable or willing to honestly and courageously look inside our own mind and heart?


As the greatest thing you can give anyone is your attention,  I thank you.

Donald Carty


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